Your career and your future

Why career counseling?

Our career counseling program is designed by educationists and linked to industries with the help of industry experts.

If you try to judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then the fish will find itself foolish all its life. : Albert Einstein.

Every individual has a unique strength, which is his/her greatest asset. Every individual can reach heights of success by using this asset. Often we ignore this asset and keep following career paths that need completely different talents, and fail. We help individuals discover their natural strengths and show career goals based on their hidden talents. We further provide a complete path towards their career destination.

What you get from career counseling

Your education is in line with your interest

You learn with interest

At the end of education, you have a specific job target.

You have a clear idea of the industry where the jobs are available

You have a 60% chance of getting an interview call

The minimum time gap between education completion and employment

You can start upskilling for faster job progress

Your cost of education gets paid for, fast A small cost of career counseling, a big gain in getting a job quickly

What do you lose without counseling

Your education may not be of your interest

You learn to pass the examinations

At the end of education you do not know which job to apply for?

You blindly apply for any job advertisements

You do not receive even acknowledgment of your applications

Indefinite unemployment period

You have to take another professional course to be employable

You have to incur additional cost and time on another course You lose the entire cost spent on unplanned education

Psychometric test

Career counseling

Mid-career transition counseling

Let’s discover your hidden talent.


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