Set your path towards your dreams here

Dreams are not those which you see in your sleep. Dreams are those which do not allow you to sleep. – Late President of India Dr. A P J Kalam

Explore your dreams and set your path towards them with our help. Design your future if you are a student. Change your life if you are an adult.

Pychometric test

Applicable for students above 14 years of age. This is an online test and can be given from your home.

Discover your natural strengths, skills and learning traits from our scientific psychometric test. Get a detailed report. This helps you to choose a career path that promises high successs.

Rs. 4000/- plus GST

Career counseling advanced

Psychometric test and a two-hour counseling session with the student and parents. Setting the most suitable career goal for the student and an exact career path to follow. Counseling can be done online and offline depending on your location. At the end of the counseling session you receive a detailed career path report. Report contains name of the recommended course, names of the institutes, duration of course, fees and admission procedures. You receive guidance from various industry experts to fine tune your career goal.

Designed for high school and college students

Rs. 15000/- plus GST

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Let’s design a beautiful future together.


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