After NEET

Dear NEET candidates

My best wishes to you all for the upcoming entrance exam. You must have worked hard and sacrificed your play hours preparing for this exam. 

But I also want to warn you. More than 18 lakh students have registered for NEET this year. Available seats for MBBS and BDS are less than 1 lakh. That means that less than 7% of the students will be able to get admissions to their dreams. 

That leaves the 93% students who are equally intelligent frustrated. Understand the facts and do not fall victim to depression in case you are among the 93%.

Do not let your efforts go to waste. Keep your options open for other prospective careers in medicine. These optional opportunities exist in research, production and marketing areas and have global demand. The best part is that your NEET score directly enables admission to these courses. 

Contact us now for career guidance. 

Call me or message your contact number/email address. 


Career mentor.


Published by sanjivani2

I am a career mentor. Help students choose careers after highschool. I also help working people who face midterm career problems to transit to a new career.

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