About us

This is for you if

You are a student studying in high school 

You have already got admitted to a college without setting a goal

You have graduated and don’t know which job to follow. 

You are already employed and your progress is stuck or threatened.

Please note that success is not just hard work. It also depends on your natural talent. If you are strong in language, don’t waste your energy in science and maths. Identify your strength and follow it. If you are an artist, do not waste your energy on academics, learn and develop your art. If you are curious about nature, and technology, and have logical skills, choose a career in science. While choosing a career, never follow copy, and paste method. 

Do not choose a course first and then search for a job. Choose a job that suits your strength first, and follow an education course that takes you to the job. 

A new technology known as AI will take over most of the non-specialized jobs in the near future before the current batch of high school students graduates. Only creative and innovative jobs will be available to humans. 

Take our help to be ready for the future.


Published by sanjivani2

I am a career mentor. Help students choose careers after highschool. I also help working people who face midterm career problems to transit to a new career.

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