High profile careers – 2

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is the technology of the future. It has actually started making its appearance in various fields. The science fictions we see in movies like terminator are about to be a reality. Do not misunderstand AI as robots. Robots are programmed by human to carry out specific functions. Some of the examples are fitting and welding activities in line operations in large industries like automibiles etc. Robots are also used for fire fighting activities in dangerous areas or for bomb diffusing. Robots essentially work on programs prepared by humans. They cannot improvise the programs.

AI however, has the ability to program itself depending on the feedback. It does not require human intervention once installed. Though there is very little talk, this technology will make all non specialised jobs disappear for humans. AI is already being used for content or article writing successfully. Very soon human article writers will not be required. Even Doctor, lawyers will not be required for standard cases. Once fully developed, humans will be required for only those jobs which require imagination and emotional approach. In any case at least 30% of current jobs will disappear in next 3-5 years.

Existing careers to make way for new careers

AI taking over human jobs is definitely a bad news.But like the famous quote above new careers are making appearance. AI is giving rise to following new careers:

Machine learning


Data science

Not only for students, but also for working professionals it is necessary to reskill themselves to be ready for transition to the new careers. Those who turn a blind eye to these warnigs, are going to meet a dead end in their career in near future. This is the time to choose these new careers now and be job ready at the end of your education. For working people if they start reskilling now they will be ready to quickly transit to the new career when they start seeing setting of their existing careers.

Here is an online course for learning masterclass in python.


For students who want to make careers in the new careers, can choose full time university courses, the information of which I shall be sharing in my future posts.

However, I must stress the need of having a career counseling session before choosing a career after High School.

AI a new lucrative career

Artificial intelligence

The coming age belongs to AI. In the next few years many jobs across diferent areas will get automated due to this new technology. Human intervention will become minimal in these jobs. As a result many jobs are going to be lost. That is a bad news.

But the good news is that the same technoloy has opened doors to many new careers from coding to data engineering. Choose these new careers for students passing out of high school. Traditional careers are going to be outdated in the next three to five years.

Here are a few online courses which can be done online besides reguar studies. Many employers have started aprentceship programs, which students can join after completing education or during vacation. This way they can get hands on experience.

Also, these jobs are in high demand and there is a shortage of these talents. So salaries and perks have skyrocketed. Take advantage of these opportunities.

Click the followin links to find these courses:

AAll certification and masters course
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certification and master’s programs use code  EDUVISA to get 35% discount
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Good luck.

Your views matter most to us

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Have you made a career choice after high school?

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Happy new year

Cjild deveelopment

Welcome the new year

Dear Parents

The year 2021 is about to end and 2022 is going to usher in after less than a week. We celebrate 1st January as a new year day. We make resolutions for the new year. We are all optimistic for the new year. Our positivity is at the highest on the new year day. There is a strong hope that the new year will change our life for the good.

To change our life, we have to prepare to welcome the prosperity and happiness. Before we worship god, we take bath, we clean the house. This way we prepare for god to come and bless us.

Similarly, we need to prepare to welcome the prosperity. We have to see a dream. More important is that dream has to be realistic. Then we have to plan our strategy to bring it to reality. And then we have to work on the plan.

Your child’s dream career

One important dream of every parent is to see their child being successful in his/her career and to prosper in life. First step is to see a realistic dream about child’s career destination or goal. Career destination is the job/profession that the child will like to work in after completing education.

Traditional career goals were Engineer, Doctor, Accountant, and lawyer. But over a period of time these careers got divided into sub-branches. New careers including non-academic ones like sports, arts, etc. developed. Like everything else, some careers became extinct, while some evolved and the process went on. With computerization, positions of clerks, stenos, typists and peons vanished. Creator of a document himself/herself started typing the document, printing and creating a file in the computer. New positions evolved in maintaining and developing the computer systems. Those who got acquainted with the new technology quickly rose to higher positions. Those who could not cope up with the new technology, lost their jobs.

AI the next game changer

Next big change that is coming, is automation due to Artificial intelligence. This will affect lots of jobs in hospitality, healthcare, logistics, warehousing etc. in the next few years. You need to take a conscious decision about your child’s career after high school.

If you are still dreaming of one of those traditional careers for your child, you must read this.


Nearly 16 lakh students appeared for the entrance test NEET in 2021. Approximately 30% students passed the examination. But finally only 83000 including reservations, will be able to make it to MBBS. Because only those many seats are available. Rest will have to go for other courses after counseling sessions.

Therefore, less than 5% of contestants get qualified. Failure is guaranteed for rest of the 95% of examinees, irrespective of their intelligence and ability.

Cost on coaching classes and study material exceeds Rs. 100,000/-. The time and efforts of the student in preparation is invaluable.

Ask yourself whether the cost is justified for a competition in which 95% failure is guaranteed?


One of the leading industrialists Anand Mahindra said last year that very few fresh engineers in India have employable skills. This means very few engineering institutes in our country are able to provide employable training.

As a result, last year nearly 200,000 seats in engineering colleges remained vacant.

Percentage a rat race

Do not push your child into a rat race. Use his/her own strengths and choose a suitable career. This will allow your child to bypass the rat race. If you do not believe my words, read the story of cuckoo.

Cuckoo does not possess nest building skill. So it cannot hatch its eggs. But the nature has gifted the cuckoo with a high pitch sweet voice. During their hatching season which falls in spring, they identify a crow’s nest which is isolated from their colony. Male cuckoo starts his high pitched whistle near the crow’s nest, while female cuckoo hides nearby. The irritated crows try to drive the cuckoo away. The male cuckoo flies a little away and starts whistling again. The crows keep chasing the cuckoo away. In the meantime, the female cuckoo quickly flies to the crow’s empty nest. She pushes eggs laid by the crow out and lays its own eggs and quickly flies away. The crow is unable to find the difference in eggs and hatches and feeds the chicks. The chicks grow fast and are able to fly away before the crow is able to identify them. This way cuckoo is able to grow its own race.

So do not worry if your child is weak in some area. This weakness is always compensated by some other strength.

Careers of the future

Artificial intelligence is the new evolving career. This technology will make many existing careers vanish in the next few years. At the same time, it will open up new careers with huge opportunities.


Make a well thought decision of a career after high school for your child. Traditional careers will have vanished by the time they graduate. We help you identify the strengths of the child and show the careers that ensure success and prosperity.

If your child is in the 4th to 9th standard, attend our free online session about child development. For students in10th standard and above we offer Career counseling service.

To contact us, register with us by clicking following URl:

Get a free careers map when you sign in.

Wish you a happy new year.


Know the courses of the future

Artificial intelligence has become the need of the hour. From face recognition locks to registering and verifying your security for transactions, this technology is everywhere. Artificial Intelligence has positively impacted sectors like healthcare, automobile, education and more. Artificial intelligence/machine learning is a useful skill to keep under your belt, especially since it was all the rage right now. Employers are looking for someone with diverse skill sets, expressly the one who can help their companies advance into the next generation. Here is the list of the top 10 artificial intelligence courses (Best AI Courses) to take in 2022.

AI graduate program

Courses in the Artificial Intelligence Graduate Program provide the foundation and advanced skills in the principles and technologies that underlie AI including logic, knowledge representation, probabilistic models and machine learning. Learn online, along with Stanford graduate students taking the courses on campus. It is surely one of the best AI courses to take in 2022

Artificial intelligence

This is one of the top 10 artificial intelligence courses for beginners to take in 2022. This course provides a thorough knowledge of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, data science and deep learning, to create AI designs for real-world applications. Candidates can apply their extensive knowledge in AI to design real-world applications and sell them after the course.

AI introduction for beginners

This is one of the best AI courses where you will learn what artificial intelligence (AI) is, explore use cases and applications of AI, and understand AI concepts and terms like machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.

Business specialization using AI

Learn the fundamentals of using big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning and the various areas in which you can deploy them to support your business. You will get to cover ethics and risks of AI, design governance frameworks to fairly apply artificial intelligence, and also cover people management in the fair design of HR functions within machine learning.

Microsoft azure

The list of the top 10 artificial intelligence courses for beginners is incomplete without the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 course. This course is intended for anyone interested in preparing for the Certified AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam. This program consists of 5 courses to help prepare you to take the certification exam.

Marketing using AI

In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, and delivered by Professor of Business Administration Raj Venkatesan, you will explore an important frontier of digital transformation in marketing. You will examine three key forces that enable AI in marketing strategies – algorithms, networks, and data – and gain a deeper understanding of how businesses in a wide variety of industries can get the most out of this exciting technology.

AI on microsoft azure

This course provides you with everything you need to get started. Artificial intelligence (AI) empowers build solutions that seemed like science fiction a short time ago; enabling incredible advances in health care, financial management, environmental protection and other areas to make a better world for everyone.

Healthcare specialization

In this course, you will get to learn about the current and future applications of AI in healthcare to learn to bring AI technologies into the clinic safely and ethically. This specialization is designed for both healthcare providers and computer science professionals, offering insights to facilitate collaboration between the disciplines.

Artificial intelligence for managers

This is one of the best AI courses for future managers. You will learn techniques to identify opportunities and use AI to further your business project. This course teaches how to manage AI projects more efficiently to get exceptional results. Preventing various under the fit and over fit candidacy issues and regularization of the business module. Coding with Python and using the Scikit library to program more efficiently. Convolutional neural networks, multi-layer neural networks, recurrent neural networks and the process of deep learning.


The list of the top 10 Artificial Intelligence courses comes to an end with Google AI a course powered by Google. The company has designed an education program to help people identify the use of artificial intelligence to further the social agenda in various communities. The course covers topics such as basic understanding of machine learning, AI explorable, recommendation systems, and data clustering. How to test and debug machine learning and prepare data. Using AI responsibly for the benefit of society.

Career in writing

Writing is a huge opportunity for those who are good at language. This career has opportunities in the following areas:

Content Writing – Content writing is an important tool in digital marketing. Almost all industries require content writers to promote their products through blogs and posts. This job is available as a full-time job as well as a freelancer.

Journalism – Journalism industry requires writers to write articles on news stories, fashion, arts, and sports, etc.

Book writing, story writing, etc. is flourishing careers that can be done from home. There is a huge earning potential in this career.

Those who are interested in this career may visit the following link:


Promising careers

A warning for students

The future belongs to AI (Artificial Intelligence). According to industry experts, this technology is going to automize many current jobs in the near future. Students and even fresh job seekers need to be aware of this coming change. Many current jobs from hospitality, healthcare, logistics, warehousing, etc. are going to disappear. Nobody is talking about it now. There is going to be massive jobs cut across all these sectors in the next 3-5 years.

Opportunities of the future

It is always the case that when one door gets shut new ones open. In this case, the good news is that many new careers are opening up in AI. The IT industry has already planned for huge recruitment for the next year. They are actually worried about the availability of trained manpower. They are ready to open up their purses to get the trained workforce. There is a golden opportunity to get trained in these careers and tap the goldmine.

Training facilities

Click here to find the training opportunities.

I have an offer for you if you book your course early.

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A high school student can also start learning coding which is the most in-demand new-age skill. Hit the following link;


Good luck.

Make your dream a reality

A dacoit turned into a philosopher

Everybody knows the story of Valya Koli. I am reproducing his story. Valya Koli was a robber living in a forest. His profession was to acost lonely travellers passing through the forest. He used to rob them off their money and valuables. At times he used to kill them. 

One day Narad muni was passing through that forest. Like any other travellers he stopped Narada, brandished his knife and ordered him to part with whatever he had. Narada told him that whatever he is doing is wrong. By doing this he is committing a sin. He will have to pay for his sins after death. 

Valya told him that whatever he is doing is to feed his family. Narada told him okay. Before killing him, Narada told him to go to his family and ask his family members whether they are willing to share his sins, so that whatever punishment God gives will get shared equally among his family members. 

Valya agreed and asked his wife whether she would share his sins, since he was doing it for them. She refused to share. She said “I have never told you to commit the sins. He then asked his children the same question. They also refused to share his sins

Dejected he returned to Narada and told him. Then Narada advised him to give up robbery and make penance. God was pleased with his penance, provided knowledge and asked him to distribute it to people. 

Valya Koli thus got transformed into Valmilki Rishi. He wrote Ramayana. 

Importance of mentor

This is how a mentor can change lives. Every individual has unique strengths and is possessed with some passion. It is the mentor who identifies these elements and guides that individual to a job or profession in which he/she can be successful. 

This is true for everybody. To be successful and happy every person needs to plan his/her life. Planning starts with setting a goal. It is the mentor who is the best person to show you your goal. Mentor also shows the way towards the goal. 


Career Counseling is for everybody. Student, fresh job seekers or working professionals facing job crisis, all can avail career counseling to find solution to their problems. Call for guidance on 8879067277 or write to sanjeev@destinytelescope.com

High profile careers – 1

Digital marketing – career in high demand

Online market is growing with leaps and bounds. Transactions in this market are expected to grow in trillions in near future. As a result services supporting online marketing are also are in growing demand. Digital marketing is the link between seller and buyer. Since the market is growing, so is the competition. Therefore digital marketing is gaining importance. Startups, small entreprenuers and large corporates need digital marketers alike.

Startups and small entreprenurs need digital marketers to spread awareness of their products/services and build up their brands. Large manufacturers need digital marketers to build relationships with their customers and to build trust and to widen their customer base.

Sub-brances in digital marketing

Digital marketing contains following sub-branches

  1. Content writing
  2. SEO management
  3. Lead generation
  4. Email marketing

Content writing

Content writing is article writing about the products or services. This is the first step in digital marketing. Contents create interest among prospects about the offers. Attractive contets make prospect look for information.

SEO experts

These contents are published on websites or portals. Google keeps monitoring and ranking the websites/portals based on the quality of the contents and the response they are getting from visitors in terms of number of visits and time they are spending on the sites. Based on the assessment google ranks the websites on their search engine. When somebody searches for a keyword, the high ranking websites are first to show up on the results. Obviously they are likely to get high traffic. It is the responcibility of SEO expert to continuously monitor the ranking and make suggestions so that their website gets higher ranking.

Lead generation

A website needs lot of visitors to their site. More visitors to the site creates more prospects. More prospects create chances to create more conversions which is the ultimate purpose of digital marketing. Lead generators make use of social media and various tools to get visitors to their site.

Email marketing

Once the leads are generated email marketing is used to directly contact the leads and have personal dialogue with the contact. Writing personalized emails and following up are the responcibilities of email marketer.

Digital marketing has immense scope and will always keep growing.

For students who want to make career in Digital marketing may check of courses available at following institures:

Manipal Higher Education – Post graduation in Digital marketing, 2 year full-time course, Fees Rs. 200000/- pus gst per year. Hostel fees extra. They help in job assignment.

Indian Institute of Management, Jammu, Six maonths online certificate course, fees Rs. 51250/- plus gst.

Delhi School of digital management – Certificate course, duration is 4-7 months online moduls and 3 months classroom training. Fees detais are not available on website.

The best way to choose a career is to consult a career counselor, who is the best guide. A small fee in career conseling saves most important years of students’ lives and parents money on wasteful education.

Those who want to make a career in digital marketing should start with building a webste of their own. Start with a wordpress blog. They also offer hosting the blog which serves as your website. To create a website click the link: